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5 Small Business Crime Prevention Tips

5 Small Business Crime Prevention Tips

Every small business owner should have the necessary tools in their arsenal to prevent or reduce crimes.  We have taken the time to put a list of 5 small business crime prevention tips together to make your business operations easier.

Check out the excerpt below, and read the full article here.

1. Risk Assessment 

No matter the size of your business, you must determine your vulnerability and weaknesses when assessing your business security needs.

5 proven ways to make your business security effective now image


2. Pre-Employment Background Checks

When you are hiring employees, you might need more information on a candidate to make an informed decision.

Small Business Administration

Great insights from this article and the content will always be of value.  The entirety of this SBA article can be read by clicking here


3. Tips to Protect Your Business From Cybercrime

Study after study highlights a sad fact. Small businesses are treated as “soft” targets by hackers and Cybercrimes.

This download found at Small Business Trends is packed with Cybercrime prevention strategies and can be read at length here.


4. Small business fraud and the trusted employee –Protecting against unique vulnerabilities

Small businesses have it rough. They’re particularly vulnerable to fraud because they lack the resources to implement complete systems of internal controls and properly segregate accounting duties among their limited staffs.

This insightful article can be read by clicking here

5. List of Three Crimes That Affect Businesses

The list of crimes that can be committed against businesses is as long as any state’s criminal code, so it may be helpful to break those crimes down into three categories of who commits the crime.

Want to read the full article?  It can be found here

The cost of crime comes straight from a business's bottom line.

Small Business Crime Prevention is on the mind of every business owner and manager.  We can never be too certain or secure in protecting our business.  Small Business Crime Prevention strategies must remain vigil and fluid; your strategies must change as the crimes change.  

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Be Safe and Be Prepared!   


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