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Check Fraud Prevention – High Security Checks

Check Fraud Prevention – High Security Checks

Product Review: High Security Checks by Deluxe


Any individual or business owner is susceptible to check fraud and check washing.  Check washing is a method where certain chemicals are used to remove the ink from the check.  If you are not using the proper pen to prevent this from occurring, you could be a victim.


Many business owners and individuals are not aware of High Security Business Checks.  The difference between using standard and high security checks can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Deluxe offers 20+ security features to help keep your information safer and reduces the possibility of your checks being copied successfully with traditional copiers. 

To the common eye, High Security Checks appear to be similar to standard checks.  However, Deluxe High Security Checks has a false-positive testing area to authenticate the check.  There is a foil hologram which has seven embedded security features making it very difficult to copy or scan.

The checks also comes with a multi-tonal void feature which will show void if copied, this will readily identify the check as counterfeit.  

Additionally, a True watermark is placed on each check during the manufacture process.  Any retailer can hold the High Security Check up to a light and observe a mark that cannot be replicated by scanners or copiers.

The key for many business owners and individuals is prevention.  Prevention is your line of defense if implemented properly.   

If you are a small business owner, have your bank statement mailed to your home.  This way you can account for all checks written.

Reconcile your statement prior to giving it to your book keeper.

Have your bank return all cancelled checks to you so you can confirm you wrote the check and that it was properly endorsed.  

Check your business checking account weekly to look for irregularities. 

If you would like more information on Deluxe High Security Checks, you can visit their website by going here:

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