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What Criminals Can Teach Us About Security

What Criminals Can Teach Us About Security

what criminals can teach us about security

Sometimes we learn the hard way when dealing with security issues.  When a crime is committed against our business, we often look at the individual, people, and the impact of the crime.  What business owners or members of management seldomly ask is what criminals can teach us about security. 

The idea of learning from criminals might sound counter intuitive at first glance.  But, if you look closer you will find that there is much insight to be found.

If you begin to study your own personal experiences with crimes you have encountered on the job or by speaking to other professionals, you can begin to understand the mindset of the common criminal.  

What Criminals Can Teach Us About Security

The criminal element is always out for game.  They seek monetary gain, the thrill, power, notoriety-but also want to remain anonymous at times.  Criminals are always looking for easy prey; the one who gets caught sleeping. 

Some would like to refer to them as annoying or a threat to society.  Others in the law enforcement community would say that it is job security.  No matter what your angle may be, the final question is what will you do to protect your business assets? 

We can chose to give lip service or be proactive in our approach to protecting our business, I choose the later. 

Follow Best Security Practices

Following best security practices is part of our last line of defense.  Whether you are protecting data, funds, merchandise, or a digital product, make it your duty to find a way to secure your assets. 

Take a look at what is currently working reference your operating policies.  For example, if your debit/credit card handling policy is vulnerable, determine what is the best procedure to put in place. 

Your Best Security Practices must be documented to be implemented by all personnel. 

Manage Passwords and Access Control

Password and access control management is another issue often exploited by criminals.  They seek to gain entry into easily guessed computer logins and easy access control portals. 

If this is a major area of concern for you, learn how you can manage this area more effectively.

When issuing passwords and access control numbers, have the user sign an acknowledgement form stating they will not share the information.  If there is any suspicion of a lost or compromised password or code, the user should report it and the password/access control code must be changed when discovered. 

My recommendation is to have all personnel change their passwords at least twice per year to potentially stop those who are attempting to gain unauthorized access.

Passwords should not be easy and should include a combination of letters, numbers and characters for better security measures. 

Additionally, if you have your own IT guy, set up a two-step verification for computers.  One encrypted password and the second password to gain final access to whatever device they are using. 

Physical Security

This is another concerned that must be addressed properly and timely.  Everyone will have different environments and circumstances.

Take a moment and look at your vulnerabilities from within and external.  Ask the question, if you were a criminal what would you do to…You feel in the rest. 

Don’t be afraid to have your local police come by to offer suggestions.  You could gain much insight that you might not find anywhere else.  Consider getting professional advice from a security company on how to better protect your building and merchandise. 

Look at your operating policy and determine if you need to change it or can it be improved.  Do you have only one area where merchandise is leaving your store?  Are you controlling all exits? 

Cash and Debit/Credit Card Handling Policy

What does your cash and debit/credit card handling policy look like to the criminal?  Do you make it easy for fraud?  How do you check for counterfeit bills?  When was the last time your policy was updated? 

There are methods you can use to verify cash and steps to take to protect your business against credit card fraud.  Look at what areas you have suffered the greatest lost and strengthen this area by putting a stronger policy in place. 

Change Your Routine

Do not become complacent with your routine or daily tasks.  Switch up your daily activities and keep All personnel on their toes when completing tasks. 

These are questions you must answer and fast. Continue to ask yourself  “What Criminals Can Teach Us About Security” and you will begin to develop the right mindset to protect your business.  

What security issue are you struggling with?  Is there a particular area you could use help with?

Please feel free to leave me an email or comment to best help resolve your issue. 




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