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When and How to Report Business Crimes-Free Guide

When and How to Report Business Crimes-Free Guide

When and How to Report Business Crimes-Free Guide

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There are countless business crimes that go unreported weekly to the police.  Often, because owners or members of management do not have the know-how, personnel, or don’t make the time to report crimes against their business.

However, as a business owner or member of management, this is something you can develop over time like any other management skill.  The problem with many business owners is they do not always have the knowledge or they are just not sure when and how to report specific crimes or incidents.

Some of you reading this article may have experienced this situation before and some may have not.  Each situation will be unique and different for your business.

I wanted to create a guide that no matter what your experience is as a business owner/manager, you would have a go-to-guide to assist you in reporting crimes and incidents against your business.

What you will get:

The basics of reporting crimes and incidents.

How to properly release information, documentation and video.

What you need from the police before releasing information.

How to interact with customers who report crimes to you and many others strategies! 

Take advantage today of my free guide on When and How to Report Business Crimes!


What business security issues are you struggling with?  Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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