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Are Chip Cards Safe?

Are Chip Cards Safe?

It Is Easy to Have Your Credit Card Information Stolen – These Items Can Keep You Safe From Hackers

Look around at almost any cash register and you will see someone presenting a credit card with a chip.  The chip credit card was supposed to be a safer alternative to the magnetic stripe on the back of your card.

The problem is the chip cards are embedded with radio a frequency identification (RFID) chip which can be intercepted. 

Although the technology is convenient where you do not have to swipe your card, there may be a glitch in the system.

RFID skimmers are available to the bad guy and can be used to steal your information without it leaving your purse or wallet. 

Unfortunately, this type technology is often found in the wrong hands and can cause a substantial amount of financial damage.

As a matter of precaution, I use the RFID protection sleeves on my cards.  The sleeves are very thin and do not cause any bulging inside my wallet. This was a no brainer to protect my card information and credit card accounts.

I have a video on my Youtube Channel (RUSECURE NOW) which shows how simple it is to intercept your card information and how fast your information can by transferred to a new dummy card.

As a way to prevent your information from being stolen, anti – identity theft credit card sleeves and RFID blocking wallets are available: 

Below are two items that are practical, cheap and effective against digital theft:

New Anti RFID Blocking Credit and Debit card sleeve

RFID Protective Sleeve $7.99 available at: Agift Apart

Anti – Identity Theft Credit Card & Passport Wallet with RFID Blocking Technology

Passport Wallet with RFID Blocking Technology (protect your credit cards and passport)

Passport Wallet $16.99 available at: Agift Apart



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