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The Office Manager Training

The Office Manager Training


office manager training


The Office Manager Training – How Are You Protecting Your Assets?

The office manager training is one of the most critically held functions within your company.  From assisting in hiring, evaluating and managing staff, protecting confidential data, implementing office policies and procedures, and reconciliation of payments, simply put, your office manager has a vital position within your business.

How many times have you found yourself having to re-train your office manager?  Or better yet, how often do you have to re-hire an office manager?

The solution to the two questions posed can be found no further than inside your office!

Office Training

Office training does not begin with your manager or office associates, office training begins with placing policies & procedures in writing.  I have personally walked into a number of businesses and observed either the office manager not doing their job to protect customers information or the assets of the company.

How so?  How often have you gone to a retail store to make a small purchase and no one bothered to check your identification after asking for your debit/credit card? 

How does your office personnel confirm if the person at your point of sale (P.O.S) is the actual card holder?  In most cases, it probably is the actual card holder, but how do you know for sure?

This is where you need to be certain that your office functions are put in writing for all office personnel. 

The office manager training should incorporate the training of office personnel and making certain the policies and procedures are in compliance by all personnel. 

If you have a strong office manager, you can be certain they will do their best at protecting your business assets as if it were their on. 

Written Policies & Procedures

Operating on the fly is not a good practice to have if you expect to be in business for long.  Your office training must consist of having your office functions in writing in the form of polices and procedures.  Your office manager training must be apart of that process. 

If there is nothing in writing for your personnel to follow, you will only invite chaos into your office. 

Just the other day, my girlfriend and I went to a fast food restaurant while traveling.  I was not feeling too well and did not want to get out the car. She got out the car to use the facilities and I gave her my card to purchase food.  It didn’t surprise me that no one from the restaurant bothered to check the name on card or her identification.

Had the cashier taken the time to follow this one procedure, they would have discovered my girlfriend was not the cardholder.  These type of transactions happen daily and most are typically innocent.  

But what about the large percentage of those that are actually identity fraud transactions?  This is where it gets messy!

When your office personnel decides to not check for identification when taking a card payment, they assume all risks of debit/card fraud.  

It is your business that takes the financial hit in the end!  

As a business owner or manager, can you think of any practices you do not have in writing that should be part of your written policies and procedures? 

Please feel free to share some of your office training experiences here! 


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