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The Ugly Truth About Organized Retail Crime

The Ugly Truth About Organized Retail Crime

The Ugly Truth About Organized Retail Crime pt 1


In almost every major city in the nation, Organized Retail Crime is rising and in an ugly way.  Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is estimated to be a $30 billion dollar industry; that’s right, billion with a B. 

It’s the rule of “Supply & Demand”.  But that is where the lines become blurred!  Organized Retail Crime is fueling a market that should not exist. 

Most retailers purchase their products from legitimate suppliers and then sell those products to consumers.  It’s the opposite with organized retail crime. 

So, just what is organized retail crime?  ORC is when you have shoplifters who have come together to organize a retail ring for the sole purpose of shoplifting on a professional level..aka…career thieves.

organized retail crime image

In organized retail crime, the products are boosted (stolen) and then sold either openly or on the black market.  Those items can be sold far below retail price or higher to fuel a demand for the same or similar products.

Organized Retail Crime: Who is at Risk?

Anyone with a brick and mortar location and any e-Commerce business is at risk. Unfortunately, budgets and resources are spread thin when fighting these type of crimes.

Method of Operation (Modus Operandi)

When attempting to go head-to-head with these type of organizations, it is like walking up a slippery slope.  As seen in the video, some of the crimes are “strong armed robberies”  or “snatch & grab” in which the best thing you can do is  be a good witness.

Note, not all ORC’s are conducted in the manner seen in the video.  A large number of ORC’s are conducted by the use of fraudulent credit cards, CHECK FRAUD and identity fraud. 

This article will be part of a series discussing Organized Retail Crime.  Please stay tuned for the next article!




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